Warranty Information for P1PE in the UK

Please read the following warranty information carefully. This 2 year warranty applies to all P1PE portable products.

2 Year Warranty

P1 portable power products are guaranteed to be free from defects in both material and workmanship for 2 years from the original date of purchase. This "Limited Warranty" ensures that any defective part will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Genpower Ltd.

To activate the 2 year warranty customers must register on-line at p1pe.co.uk within 30 days of purchase. Products that are not registered on-line within 30 days will be covered by a 12 month warranty.

  1. Residential / Non-commercial usage

    1. A limited warranty for 2 years or 1000 hours whichever comes first, which provides parts, labour and carriage for the 1st year and parts only for year 2, this is effective from date of purchase.
    2. To activate your warranty for year 2 you must register your warranty with Genpower Ltd within 30 days of purchase and provide a copy of your proof of purchase at time of warranty registration.
  2. Commercial/Hire Use

    1. A limited warranty for a period of one year for commercial use or 90 days for hire use which provides parts, labour and carriage effective from date of purchase.
  3. Policy covers

    1. All P1PE portable power products.
    2. Continual from the date of purchase and does not restart at any time or under any circumstances. Warranties are not transferable. This limited warranty is only valid when the machine receives all preventative maintenance and is serviced as per the manufacturer’s documentation with genuine service parts and recommended oils where applicable.
  4. In the event of a fault

    1. Please contact Genpower Ltd where our aftersales team will guide you through some basic diagnostics to determine the fault on the machine. If we are unable to resolve the issue we will request that the machine be returned to us for further inspection and testing.
  5. Transit of Goods

    1. Genpower Ltd will arrange for collection of goods within the 1st year of the warranty, please be aware that if the fault is discovered not to be a warranty fault, transportation, handling and workshop labour charges will apply. (Note: Highlands and islands may incur a surcharge).
    2. After the first year it is the customer’s responsibility to ship the defective machine or parts back to Genpower Ltd.
    3. The Customer is responsible for draining all fuel and oil from the machine.
    4. The Customer is responsible for safely and securely packaging the machine, it is advisable to keep the original packaging safe for this purpose.
    5. We will only accept responsibility for the machine when it has been received and inspected at the point of delivery to ourselves.
    6. Any damages or loss during transit are the customer’s responsibility.
    7. We can offer to arrange for a collection on the customer’s behalf, please contact us for rates.
    8. Upon completion of repairs we will arrange for the machine to be sent back to the customer at our cost (in first 12 months, year 2 is chargeable at cost price). Highlands and islands may incur a surcharge to cover the extra transportation costs. This is to cover additional costs for transport to and from our repair centre. For the Channel Islands, it is usually more cost effective for the customer to send the unit to the mainland and we will collect and return to the designated mainland address as normal.
  6. Inspection and repair of machinery

    1. We will replace or repair any components that have failed within the 1st year/1000hrs and within the 90 days for hire usage that are covered by the limited warranty
    2. We will cover the costs involved with any labour within the 1st year/1000hrs and within the 90 days for hire usage that are covered by the limited warranty.
    3. We will supply parts only for warranty failures in year 2. Labour and carriage is chargeable.
    4. Genpower Ltd will inform you of any costs that are outside of the limited warranty before commencing any repairs.
    5. Any repairs outside of the limited warranty may incur charges these will also include the cost of carriage to and from the customer.
  7. Parts only request

    1. The customer may request parts to be dispatched under the warranty agreement.
    2. Genpower Ltd will accept photographic evidence of failed components, provided it is clear that the failure is a manufacturing defect. If this is not possible, the failed part must be returned to Genpower Ltd for inspection, if the parts is deemed to have failed due to a manufacturing defect a replacement part will be issued.
    3. The customer may purchase a replacement part, if the original part, when returned to Genpower Ltd, has obviously failed due to a manufacturing defect a full refund for the replacement part will be issued.
  8. Warranty Limitations

    1. Items not covered by Warranty: (This is for guidance only, there may be additional items that are not covered by warranty).
    2. General wear and tear.
    3. Damage from lack of maintenance as described in the user manual.
    4. Damage by accident, impact, improper installation or storage.
    5. Damage by water ingestion, submersion and external water damage.
    6. Damage caused by frost or overheating from excessive ambient temperatures or lack of ventilation.
    7. Operation and damage to the machine used in a marine environment.
    8. Damage by operation with incorrect pressure, conditions or modifications.
    9. Damage from overloading (all machines) or under loading (generators).
    10. Fuel related problems. (Contaminated or stale fuel, incorrect fuel/oil mixture, incorrect fuel type).
    11. Items not as per Genpower Ltd standard supplied items, such as but not limited to external wiring, modifications, filters etc.
    12. Repairs made during warranty period without prior approval from Genpower Ltd.
    13. Service items such as, but not limited to: spark plugs, carburettors, gaskets, filters, belts, brushes, bushes, bearings, recoil units, cables, clips, hoses, lances, trigger guns, reals, seals, pump valves, blades, trimmer heads and accessories, chains, bars, wheels and tyres are covered by a limited 30 day warranty.
    14. The warranty may be void if any modifications are made to the machine.
    15. AVR (Automatic voltage regulators) are covered by a limited 30 day warranty.
    16. Any damages caused during the transit of goods.- Customer must report damage to Genpower Ltd within 24 hours, to allow us to claim from our couriers.
    17. 12v starter batteries and remote key fob batteries are covered by a limited 30 day warranty.
    18. Inverter/circuit boards and transformers on welders and inverter generators are covered with a standard 2 year warranty. (1st year parts, labour and carriage, 2nd year parts only). Damage from overloading is not covered.
    19. The warranty may be void if records of servicing including hours and date are not kept. Copies of service history may be requested by Genpower Ltd.
  9. Terms and Conditions

    1. For a full copy of our terms and conditions please visit http://genpower.co.uk/terms-conditions/
  10. Contact Details

    Our contact page has all our different means of contacting us.

    1. Your call may be recorded for monitoring and training purposes.
    2. All data is secure and protected, your information will not be passed on to any 3rd parties.
    3. This does not affect your statutory rights.
  11. Warranty updates

    1. We reserve the right to change our warranty terms at any time.
  12. Purchasing items for resale

    1. As a dealer or re seller of Hyundai equipment (or affiliated brands). Should an item be purchased for the intent of resale to the public, if said product is not sold within the first 12 months of purchase, the warranty will begin regardless if the product has been sold or not.